Craft Books

Craft Books

Books in the craft nonfiction genre are about ideas, different types of crafts, and the skills and supplies necessary to do them.

These books often provide a step-by-step inspiring guide, usually coupled with pictures or drawings of each step that show you how to make something in that particular craft.

Craft types include but aren’t limited to, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting, pottery making, sculpting, quilting, weaving, sewing, knitting, and jewelry making. Some of the most popular books in the craft genre involve crafts that can be done with children and crafts that make something useful out of an object one would normally discard or throw away.

01) CRICUT: 10 books in 1: The Complete Guide for Beginners, Design Space & profitable Project Ideas.

Mastering all machines, tools & all materials. All you need really to know + “Wow” Bonuses & Tricks

CRICUT main image


This guide answers the most common inquiries from novice Cricut users. There are basic and intermediate tips and methods for operating a Cricut machine. It also helps start a business and locate tools, materials, and accessories. These eight Cricut manuals will help you master the machine and create better projects. Directions for accessing over 950 video tutorials are included.

Thousands of free project ideas. Millions of free SVG files and pictures. The best maker community to join.


This is a great starter for getting into the craft world, so you can start creating right away. The thing I was pleasantly surprised to discover is the simple instructions. I didn’t have to search for any words, I could just go from the book straight to creating.

Detailed descriptions of the machine’s capabilities and the tools needed to execute the work are provided. The illustrations that are present are fine, but I’d prefer to see more. It was more expensive, but it contained far more information that you need to start your crafting in this style.

If you own a Cricut and perform any kind of crafts with it, this book is a must-have. It’s great to have every Cricut machine, from the first to the most recent, covered here. That’s what makes the book universally applicable.

If you know someone who likes Cricut, this is the perfect gift for their creative projects.

02) Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials

60 Cool Projects that Reimagine Paper Rolls, Egg Cartons, Jars and More!

Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials main image


Kimberly McLeod, the designer of The Best Ideas for Kids, offers a variety of budget-friendly, eco-conscious projects suitable for imaginative play, bedroom décor, gift-giving, and other uses. Paper rolls, egg cartons, newspaper, and cardboard can be transformed into brightly colored decorations, stunning wearable masks, hats, and jewelry, or even robust desk organizers, puzzles, and paint palettes. Create Your Own Marble Maze, Homemade Kaleidoscope, Dinosaur Terrarium, and much more!


If your family values recycling, this book will satisfy both your desire for ecologically friendly purchasing and your creative urges.

This book is full of great ideas for repurposing existing materials in new ways. It is a must-have to save our environment!

If you are a teacher, you can use this book to create fantastic art and projects with your pupils such as a kaleidoscope, dinosaur terrarium, and many more.

Appreciable attention to detail in this print to ensure you comprehend the directions. This is the book for nature lovers and crafters.

03) Eco-Christmas Craft Book

30 stylish festive projects that won’t hurt the planet

Eco-Christmas Craft Book main image


Learn to make beautiful, eco-friendly Christmas decorations! Fans of Christmas must read this. It’s full of wonderful, eco-friendly Christmas ideas. Save cardboard, newspaper, wine corks, twigs, and pine cones. Because the materials are reusable, you can build new ones every year!

There are 30 great crafts to make and additional suggestions. Set out to collect attractive, eco-friendly décor.


As someone who loves holidays, the Eco-Christmas Craft book is an amazing gift to get. I got it for Christmas so there was a long wait before I could use it but I absolutely loved every craft in it, and I’m sure you will too.

One of the best craft books for the whole family to join in and work together with. With this family nights before the holidays can become a great bonding time, working together on a wide variety of artworks. It will help you connect with your family while you work on fun projects such as Christmas Crackers, Napkin Rings, Cardboard Tube, snowflakes and so on.

Another thing I loved was that you can find pretty much all the stuff needed for these projects around your house. It was so fun to discover these interesting projects.

Anything missing was also easily obtainable with just a little research or by simply ‘continue shopping’ whilst online. The use of other sites to find any bespoke items was actually fun in itself.

04) Harry Potter Origami Volume 1

With fifteen foldable crafts!

Harry Potter Origami main image


This Harry Potter origami book has 15 folding crafts!

Want to learn how to fold a Howler? Or do you like Quidditch on a PC? This 112-page Harry Potter origami book is a must-have! Fans of the Harry Potter films will be able to make fifteen different origami designs using simple instructions. A custom-designed sheet of illustrated origami paper for each craft, along with full directions and photographs plus finished origami models for reference. This fascinating handbook to paper folding is the perfect Harry Potter gift!


I love Harry Potter and I love this book. Harry Potter is a book for all ages and the fun continues with these papercrafts.

Unlike many other origami books which are only full of instructions, Harry Potter Origami Volume 1 comes with textured paper that makes the crafts look extra magical. The Sorting Hat, Cauldron, Howler and The Golden Snitch will keep you thoroughly engaged and the results are often very impressive.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are not familiar with origami, this might be one of the harder books to start off with. While the instructions here are pretty clear, some might be confusing if it is your first time doing origami.

If you are someone who loves the wizarding world or know of someone who is a big fan of Harry Potter, this could well be the best gift you come across this year!

05) Low-Mess Crafts for Kids

72 Projects to Create Your Own Magical Worlds Paperback – June 26, 2018by Debbie Chapman

05) Low-Mess Crafts for Kids main image


Low-Mess Crafts for Kids are low-mess answers to the dilemma of finding time to do crafts with the kids. All 72 of these fantastic projects make use of common household things such as pipe cleaners, pom poms, and clothespins. Children of any age can produce something they can be proud of if they follow the step-by-step instructions. It makes no difference if your youngster wants to explore outer space with a Paper Plate Flying Saucer or race automobiles on a Poster Board Road Track; each project will inspire their imagination.


If you love crafting with your young ones, this book is for you, the 72 projects are guaranteed to give you access to quality family time we all strive to obtain.

While crafts are for all ages, the ones covered in this book are more suitable for younger children who are new to crafts and are still learning.

While the crafts are for the younger ones, the ideas are absolutely stunning. I particularly love the fact that most of these projects are very easy to follow and use a lot of material. The beautiful pictures really help.

If your children are young and interested in crafting, this crafting book is perfect for you.

General Information About Craft books

Craft books are a great way to bring out your inner artists. You can make birds, Christmas decorations, tote bags and so on. The purchase of a craft book is the promise of hours of fun and beautiful art.

Craft books range on a massive spectrum, while some books might focus on nature, some on recycling, some might even be about woodworking.

Most books are for all ages, but some might be less suitable for kids as they use various sharp objects. Even among kids, there are books that cater to complete novices and some to trained experts.

Conclusion / Roundup

Craft books can be very fulfilling for ‘reader rewards’ and this can inspire creativity in people of all ages, helping them in learning while exposing them to a world of creative magic.

There are thousands of craft books ranging from solo projects from writers such as Elizabeth Dowsett to books from established publishing houses such as Penguin Random House. Finding the best among all these sites and pages that sell craft books and craft supplies might be a drag, so I hope this list helps you find what you are looking for.


What are craft books?

Crafts books cover a wide range of topics, including how-to instructions, how-to guides, and how-to guides for a variety of crafts.

What crafts can I do with old books?

There are specific craft books that focus on using old goods. With old books, you can also do origami for example.

What is a DIY book?

A DIY book is a book with do it yourself projects that come with step by step instructions.

What is Amazon hobby books and toys?

A category of amazon products that specialize in hobbies and children’s toys, for example, craft books for kids, Needlecrafts & Textile Crafts and so on.

What is Penguin Random House’s Best Craft Book?

This is subject to the individual of course, but a great find is “The Mindful Crafter: A Simple Guide to Finding Meaning in Your Making”, is a book about how to find meaning and purpose in your crafting. It helps the reader to connect with their creative side and understand the impact that their craft has on themselves and the world around them.

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