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Liquid chalk markers are a great way to get your message across and leave your mark on the world. They’re also an affordable alternative to paint, which is why they’re so popular among artists and interior designers.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss everything related to chalk markers: what they are, how you can use them for different purposes, some of my favourite brands available, and more!

A little history about liquid chalk pens

Liquid chalk markers:

A few years ago, you might not have been able to find any good liquid chalk markers on the market. The chalk was either too light or too dark and even though they were chalk, they didn’t last very long at all before needing to be replaced. Times are different now! There are plenty of high-quality choices that will help you achieve the look you want and perfect to add to your art stationery orders and purchase. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ones for chalk blackboards in particular…

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What is a chalk marker?

Chalk markers or chalk pens as they are sometimes referred as are a type of marker pen that uses water-soluble chalk as its ink. They’re similar to dry erase markers, but they don’t require any form of erasing once you’ve drawn on the surface.

What can I do with liquid chalk markers?

Chalk markers are used for many different purposes. Artists and interior designers use them to paint and create detailed sketches or make creative art chalkboard signs, while teachers often employ them during lessons involving drawing or writing on chalkboards. They can be used on sandwich boards to advertise etc.

They’re also popular among crafters, kids and young children (check details for non-toxic) for drawing on non-porous surfaces like paper.

How do I use liquid chalk pens / markers?

To write or draw with liquid chalk pens, you simply press the tip to coat it in liquid chalk before applying ink onto your chosen material.

Best liquid chalk markers: Top picks to add to your shopping cart!

Some favourites include Uni-Ball and Stationery Island which are great if you want more precise control over how much chalk is applied to the surface; Arteza which provide an elegant aesthetic; Chalkola which are great for detailed illustrations; non toxic chalk markers are perfect if you’re looking to work with children.

The best chalk markers are made by a company called Edding Chalk Markers. This manufacturer has many different packs of pens for you to choose from and a good range of colours. The price does vary depending on what type of pack you buy, but both are available in three different price ranges (low, medium-high, and high).

What products can you use chalkboard markers on?

Liquid chalk pens are nearly universally applicable to a variety of surfaces. They are suitable for use on chalkboards, windows and other glass surfaces, plastic, blackboards, non porous chalkboards, stone, whiteboards and any non-porous surfaces, even coffee mugs.

What else do I need to know about these markers?

It’s a well-known secret that the most intense artwork created on boards is chalkboard art. Whether it’s for your own enjoyment or to create something for a unique situation such as Wedding Signs, a Bistro Window Menu or a special venue such as a restaurant special menu board, everyone loves drawing with these non permanent tool products. That said, there are many different types of chalk pen products available for purchase!

What is the best brand for liquid chalk markers?

There are many product brands ready to order from; these pens are listed in order of “best reviews” recommend based on availability and pricing options. I would recommend staying away from the cheapest type of product brand in these categories, as they often come in a messy form and may not be ideal for your needs when creating your image.

What is chalkboard paint?

It’s like any other type of painting and comes with its own set of pros, such as being able to cover large areas quickly without needing primer or multiple coats. There are also many different styles available on most stores stock list that make it easy to find what you’re looking for! Keep in mind when using this option that some art boards need a sealant applied before using these products on them (especially if you want them to last longer).

Do chalk markers work on mirrors or glass?

Yes, chalkboard pens & markers have the advantage over traditional chalk as they can also be used on mirrors or glass. I recommend using either window paint and/or some type of clear coat for that purpose. I wouldn’t however recommend using them on thin sheets of glass (a delicate and fragile product) or car mirrors (as the colours may hinder vision!).

What types of chalk markers are there?

Chalk markers can be made from both oil-based or water-soluble liquid ink; oils typically last longer but you need to use a sealant before applying them to the board if you want it to stay in good condition.

The best chalk markers are the ones that come in packs of around 12 and have a variety of colours. The price for these is around £20 with free delivery included, which makes them one of our favourite product on this site to recommend. These chalk markers will work great for any number of materials including coloured paper or even white boards if you want to use them for your office or school classroom.

What are chalk markers good for?

Chalk markers can be used to draw on any type of surface that is essentially a solid colour – so works perfectly if you want to make temporary designs, labels and signs at home, in the work place or even at trade shows! Perfect also for kids and art teachers in the classroom. Just a case of choosing the right style, size and colour and at a price that suits.

Do I need an eraser?

The chalk markers that are recommended do not often come with an eraser – so you will have to have something suitable hand – see below…

What is the best way to erase liquid chalk pens?

As with traditional chalk, it’s best to use a dry cloth, a damp cloth or a paper towel to remove liquid chalk ink. Some natural wet wipe products can be used but best to test in a small area first before using a wet erase product. A board cleaner is something you could get hold of, although a board cleaner although it’s not usually necessary as it is with a whiteboard.

Markers – Do they last?

The ink in these markers lasts well and some brands can be refilled, which saves money on having to buy more new ones all of the time! This is often one of the features mentioned by people in customer reviews section for the product and usually results in a good star rating.

Great features of liquid chalk markers

  • Pigment based ink gives bright, vivid ink colour that are easy to see and write with
  • Chalk markers work on almost any non porous surfaces including glass, wood, metal, board (may need to be primed), chalkboard and paper
  • Dries quickly without a smudge or damage to the surfaces it has been applied to.
  • The chalk markers ink is water-based and non toxic which means it will not harm the environment (although, care should be taken when disposing of any waste)
  • Like regular chalk, easily removed with a damp cloth or sponge if needed.
  • Chalk markers stick well even on rough surfaces like stone, brick etc…
  • Variety of colours available from this brand so you can choose your preference
  • Long lasting – up to 24 hours without fading! This makes them perfect for most uses as they have no need to be repainted every few minutes/hours due to wear and tear on the chalkboard surface.
  • Also: The best liquid chalk markers are often recommended by people who use them regularly in their work because these markers offer both quality and longevity.


A few things to note about the liquid chalk pens

  • These markers come in sets so you can cover all your needs and not be limited by colours just because you need one more or less marker for the project where you’re using them.
  • Because they are water based, there is no need to worry about chemicals that usually makes chalk paint toxic as it can leech into materials when wet. This means that these markers will give off a scent but this should dissipate quickly with time (usually within 24 hours).
  • You do have the option of buying refills from certain brands if needed so don’t forget about it! It’s always worth checking out whether replacements are available before going elsewhere and spending money


What are the different varieties of tips chalk markers use?

Liquid chalk pens can come in numerous colours and with different styles of tip making them easier to use and more accurate than traditional chalk.

The liquid chalk pens will typically have the option of two types of tips, the chisel tip and bullet point. The chisel tip is great for bold or calligraphy style writing whereas the bullet tip (round head) is better for detailed work. Bullet tips come is a range of nib sizes.

The Bullet Pointed Chalk Marker

Bullet point liquid chalk pens creates one thick line with either round or pointed ends, which can be used for different purposes such as outlining text to make it easier to read from a distance or emphasising certain words in speech balloons in comic strips.

The Chisel Tipped Chalk Marker

Chisel Tips consist of only of linearly drawn strokes (either straight, wavy, etc.), without any gaps in the stroke, and these bold tips are usually used for lettering.

The chisel tipped chalk marker is typically preferred by artists who don’t want a long line or anyone looking to create an outline of their writing with few strokes while still maintaining some control on how thick it will be. Artists may also use these markers to shade drawings as they cannot produce gradients like calligraphy pens can.

Further Information

Which people would use this product?

This type of chalk marker is a suitable item to order and purchase for all ages (excluding toddlers of course). Adults will have hours of fun around the home enhancing furniture, decorating glass objects, including windows, creating pictures on boards (milestone boards for your children works really well) even the evening menu for special occasions … the possibilities are endless for these products.

And with kids, the same applies, just make sure you have a cloth or paper towel to hand for any unwanted home decor mishaps (maybe a large quantity). The safe option is to keep to chalkboards of course, the best material for the pens and our little budding artist stars to create an image on. If you want to keep it safe, stick with a chalkboard. With that said (and by no means do I mean to be negative) it really does keep them entertained while teaching them fine motor skills and self expression so there’s no time limit on what they could create!

In conclusion

I have to say that liquid chalk pens are one of my art ‘tool box stars’ and as such is one of my most favourite types of marker to use. This item is item number 1 as it’s such a fun product and should instantly be added to your shopping cart orders immediately ready to go. Any art product description or question reviews can describe the pens’ use but you can only truly appreciate it as a customer by actually making the purchase (dig out that credit card) and by trying liquid chalk pens out for yourself on some board or other non-porous surfaces. Get some chalk markers added to your customer account, pop them in your shopping cart, checkout (usually with free delivery) and get started on your first chalk image straight away

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