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Gouache paint is a type of watercolor paint that has a very thick consistency. It is often used for painting illustrations, because it can be layered to create very rich colors. Because gouache paint is so thick, it needs to be applied to a very smooth surface, or else the texture of the paper will show through and the finished painting will look rough.

The best paper for gouache is a hot press watercolor paper. This type of paper has a very smooth surface, which is perfect for painting with gouache. The smooth surface of the paper will allow you to create very crisp lines and vibrant colors. Hot press watercolor paper is also very durable, so it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

If you are looking for a less expensive option, you can also use cold press watercolor paper. This type of paper has a slightly textured surface, which can give your painting a more natural look. However, because the surface is not as smooth as hot press paper, it may be more difficult to create crisp lines and vibrant colors.

Whatever type of paper you choose, make sure that it is acid-free and archival quality. This will ensure that your painting will last for many years to come.

I’ve taken the time to take an in-depth look at some of the papers available and have left my reviews on my personal favourites below. Read on to find out more…

01) Bellofy 50 Sheet Watercolor Paper Pad

130 Ib / 190 GSM Weight – 9X12 in Size – Cold Press Paper – Water Painting Art Notebook Pad

Bellofy 50 Sheet Watercolor Paper Pad main image


• Comfortable

• Glue bound

• Acid-free

• High-quality paper for gouache paint

• Cold-press sheet


This Watercolor Pad is designed by artists specifically for artists. With its comfort and sturdiness, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the finest product available. This Watercolor Pad will enable you to create your greatest creations by delivering comfortability. Each page is 130lB / 190 G, providing the ideal surface for all water-coloring techniques. It is also glue bound, i.e each sheet is secured with an adhesive binding that permits effortless page separation and/or page rotation.


I absolutely love this watercolor pad! The pages are very sturdy and the binding is very strong so the pages don’t fall out. The colors are very bright and vibrant and the water flows smoothly across the page. I would definitely recommend this to any artist!

Upon using it, I have noticed how durable & eco-friendly the paper is. Artists have evaluated and verified each acid-free and recycled sheet of this Watercolor Pad for its performance reliability. This product is superior to others since it guarantees that your artwork will never bleed, smear, fade, or darken.

You will absolutely love the paper texture. It can be used for water coloring. This paper is definitely worth the money.

02) Arches Watercolour Paper Block Grain 300 g

28 x 36 cm 20 Sheets, Natural White, 28×36 cm

Arches Watercolour Paper Block Grain 300 g main image


• Has cold-press texture.

• Best paper for opaque watercolor

• Great for watercolor paper pad

• Works for acrylic paint too

• Has a smooth surface


The Arches needs no introduction in saying how good they are in producing excellent quality papers. Ink, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic can all be applied to the paper using wet techniques. That is, the wet-on-wet technique can be used here.

Arches created the heart collage on this paper, and it’s made with natural gelatin.

Cotton is responsible for the paper’s aesthetic appeal, natural whiteness, and instantly recognizable texture. Strength and durability are additional promises that are made with this product. It is etched on the leaves: “Arches France.”


This Arches Rough Watercolor Pad is so good and sturdy that it never gets damaged, regardless of how much I scrub off paint, since the paints do not absorb into the paper, and it never buckles, regardless of how much water I use in the wet-in-wet technique. The washes are vivid and pristine and the sizes of pads vary. This watercolor pad is a joy to work with, and I love how my artwork looks since I began using it. Highly recommended!

03) Strathmore STR-467-8 48 Sheet No 140 Watercolor Art Journal

8.5 by 11″ Paper – White

Strathmore STR-467-8 48 Sheet No 140 Watercolor Art Journal main image


• Especially for watercolor papers

• Cold-press texture

• Heavyweight

• Naturally white

• Acid-free


The US-made Strathmore 400 series Watercolor Art Journals feature intermediate-grade watercolor paper with a strong surface that is ideal for watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. The natural white color and traditional cold-press surface allow for fine and even washes, as well as lifting and scraping applications. This paper is absolutely acid-free, 140lb paper. It is also inside a lightly textured matte dark chocolate brown cover.


The quality of the paper is amazing, it is thick and copes well with watercolor and gouache paints. The cover of the scrapbook is lovely and it is of good quality to keep art for a long time. The thick GSM is perfect for washes of color and the paper has very little buckling.

04) Zieler – Jumbo Fine-Grain Textured Watercolour Paper A3 Pad

50 Sheets, 300gsm / 140lb, A3 Landscape. Ideal for Soaking & Masking. Made in UK – FSC Mix & Acid Free. Includes Starter tip Sheet (A3)

Zieler - Jumbo Fine-Grain Textured Watercolour Paper A3 Pad main image


• Thicker paper for gouache paint

• Can be used for all media

• Acid-free

• Cold-pressed

• Best value for money


Are you looking for extra-thick textured sheets for a colorful experience of water coloring? If yes, the Jumbo Fine Grain paper is the one for you. Using 300gsm (140lb) ivory sheets, you can get the most out of any watercolor paint. Doesn’t buckle when wet, even after soaking for hours. With masking fluid, you can use it without worrying about ripping it.

This paper is ideal for both practising watercolor techniques and creating the final artwork. Use with pencils and ink pens as well. Gummed sheets are easily detachable and do not leave behind any trace. Start-up instructions are included.

There are 50 extra-thick sheets included to enable even more practice and experimenting with different approaches to the problem at hand.

In either landscape or portrait configuration, this paper’s A3 size (420 x 297 millimetres) offers plenty of flexibility.


I really enjoyed using the Jumbo Aquacolour Texture Watercolour pad by Zieler. The heavy duty, specially formulated texture paper was great for soaking and masking fluid, and helped me to achieve long-lasting vibrancy with my artwork. It was equally useful for practice work as it was for finish work, and with 50 sheets it provided excellent value. I would definitely recommend this paper to any artist, regardless of their level of experience.

05) Daler-Rowney – The Langton Cold-Pressed 300gsm A2 Watercolour Paper Pad

Glued 1 Side, 12 Natural White Sheets, Ideal for Professional Artists & Students

Daler-Rowney - The Langton Cold-Pressed 300gsm A2 Watercolour Paper Pad main image


  • A2 sheet size.
  • Performs well consistently.
  • Comes in a well-packaged cardboard box.
  • An ideal choice for professionals.


Premium cold-pressed watercolor paper, 300gsm mold-made, acid-free, natural-white, sustainably-produced paper by Langton. With archival-quality and fade-resistant paper that is both internally and externally scaled.

One of the best all-around papers for use with watercolor and gouache in addition to a wide range of dry media. For painters, this is an excellent choice.


The Langton is acid-free to prevent the spoiling of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper throughout. Watercolor washes are beautifully rendered and retain an even distribution across the surface making the paper ideal for wet-on-wet techniques.

This is a high-quality paper that can withstand a great deal of watercolor manipulation before deteriorating. I am going to say this is best for intermediate to expert level users for professional work. Moreover, this paper is quite affordable. A2 is artists’ go-to for designing book covers, as it never fails to do the trick.

General Information:

The best aspect about gouache paint is that it is immensely versatile. Be it textured paper, mixed media paper, or any sort of wet media. This paint sticks beautifully. However, before you go on to make your purchase it is important that you keep in mind a few things. These will make your overall purchasing process easier.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying the Best Papers for Gouache Paint:

Try to use the paint on a flat surface.

The paint will adhere easier to flat, fine-grained paper. Satin-surfaced papers work well for designs that demand exceptional accuracy. Effects with a rough grain can be produced using a piece of paper having a coarse texture. Use 300gsm hot press paper with this paint for best results. Paper pads of the same weight can be purchased in place of individual sheets. You may also use different sketching and printing papers if your paint isn’t too thinned off.

Non-oily materials like plywood, wood, or cardboard may be painted quickly and easily using gouache paint. When applied to handmade papers, it provides an inexhaustible supply of options. Be very careful you only use high-quality paper, whatever you decide. Feel free to play with a few little pieces.

Taking Care Of A Gouache Painting:

Make sure to properly safeguard your gouache paintings when you wish to display them. Water can reactivate the paint, thus even a single drop can damage your painting. A glass frame offers the best protection, but you can also use a spray fixative to ensure durability for your artwork.

Conclusion / Roundup

When it comes to choosing the right paper for your gouache paints, there are a few things you need to take into account as we’ve discussed. The weight and texture of the paper will affect how the paint behaves on the surface, so it’s important to find a good balance between absorbency and stiffness. You also want to make sure that the color of the paper won’t interfere with your paint colors.

I hope my guide has helped you find the best paper for your gouache painting needs today but the only real advice you need is to try things out! What works for one artist may not be what works for you so take guidance by all means but at the end of the day, you’ll know when you’ve found the right products for you…

Happy painting 😉


What GSM paper is best for gouache?

Many watercolor papers can work if you’re searching for an album for gouache paintings, but the weight of the paper is important. Gouache painting requires paper that is at least 140 lb/300 GSM. When you begin applying your gouache, you don’t want your paper to buckle. The size of high-quality gouache paper makes it resistant to stacking and cleaning.

Is watercolor paper good for gouache?

On watercolor paper, gouache works great, but you could also try any thick drawing paper. Although canvas is an option, acrylic is usually a preferable choice for that. In general, gouache paper if often your best choice for gouache paint.

Does gouache work on normal paper?

The best thing about gouache paper is that it is adaptable and suitable for both paper and canvas, which is perfect if you have a predilection for one over the other. Reeves watercolor painting paper is ideal for gouache paintings since it is made to accept water media and it is sturdy enough to withstand this heavier type of paint.

Is Bristol paper good for gouache?

Yes, due to the versatility of gouache, it can work well on bristol paper as well.

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