Best Eraser For Colored Pencils

Best Eraser For Colored Pencils

So you’ve got a great set of colored pencils. All you need now is the best eraser to help with those minor mishaps…

“To Err is human”, *Alexander Pope, poet of the Enlightenment

and of course,

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents” *Bob Ross, American Painter,October 29, 1942 – July 4, 1995)

Whilst you may not appreciate those happy accidents at the time or at the expense of your extremely creative endeavors, there are going to be many instances where you might spill over your colored pencils beyond the lines or have used a particular shade of colored pencil in your color-sensitive drawing paper surface by mistake.

These are stressful things to experience, however, there are always solutions set in place just for you.

You may be wondering what rubber erasers you can use for your colored pencil markings without ruining your drawings and drawing paper surface and you may also wonder which you can invest in to correct these tragic mistakes.

We’re here to help. This guide is set in place with just for those situations in mind. In this guide, we will be picking 5 of the best eraser for colored pencils on the market without forcing you to experience the tedious task of scouring endlessly through the internet or marketplace.

By the end, you will have found your best and most reliable friend for any corIntro about how sketchbooks are used in relation with coloring pencils, why it’s important to select the best suitable product and what to look out for as an artist when making your choice…rections on your art projects.

01) Expo Design Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser

For use with pencil, charcoal and chalk. Also for shading and blending

Expo Design Kneaded Rubber Art Eraser main image


  • Kneaded eraser
  • Rubber
  • 1.54 Pounds
  • Can be used for highlighting pencil marks
  • Great for chalk, pencil, charcoal, and pastel


The EXPO design kneaded eraser is a great selection if you work with various mediums of painting or drawing. They easily remove any pencil marks and are a perfect new addition to your art box to substitute your standard pencil eraser.

The eraser can easily erase colored pencil marks or even pastel or charcoal without a problem.

Definitely a cut above your standard eraser.

  • Kneaded
  • Easy to use with a variety of medium
  • Can be used on a textured paper surface
  • May leave eraser dust


The EXPO design eraser sports a greyish-silver look and supports erasing colored pencils and pastel among other mediums. If you are looking to keep it simple and just erase colored pencils then look no further and grab one of these to include in your art box essentials.

Overall, a great purchase. With these kneaded rubber erasers, you are sure to get your money’s worth without looking too far or spending a lot of money or time searching for a good eraser.

02) Maped Eclipse Eraser, Assorted Colors

Ergonomic eraser with easy-grip center section

Maped Eclipse Eraser main image


  • Ergonomic
  • Hole to clip on to
  • Plastic holder to grip
  • Minimal eraser dust


The Maped Eclipse is a fun little ergonomic eraser that is super easy to hold and also works well. No excessive residue and a great firm eraser that will not break or damage paper.

Maped is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to stationaries. Their quality for the budget and features they offer are almost unmatched.

  • Ergonomic design for easier grip
  • Pointy tip for precision erasing
  • Great for removing pencil marks and colored pencil marks
  • A bit on the small side


If you work a lot with pencil sketches or colored pencil sets and you need a nice little eraser that will get the job done, then this is your best eraser. More durable than other erasers and definitely works better than the common pink eraser or the ones you find on graphite pencils.

Overall, a brilliant essential for your stationaries for a super affordable price. When it comes to Maped stationaries there’s very little to consider in terms of drawbacks.

03) Faber-Castell – Triangular Grip 2001 Eraser

High-quality eraser

Faber-Castell - Triangular Grip 2001 Eraser main image


  • Triangular body with a circular tip
  • Grips on the sides for easy holding
  • Latex-free rubber eraser
  • Minimal residue left behind
  • Synthetic rubber


Faber Castell is yet another brand of stationaries that you simply can’t go wrong with and as such, the best erasers are offered by them. With their latex-free and durable erasers, you will be sure to find the right eraser in no time.

Additionally, if you work a lot with colored pencils, reviews have suggested that they are great for pretty much anything including color pencils. This makes them one of the best pencil erasers for anybody.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Rubber eraser
  • Ergonomic grip zone
  • Not ideal for precision erasing


Faber Castell provides stationaries and this singular product beats most erasers in terms of quality and durability.

Overall, there is not much that can go wrong if you invest in this particular eraser. You even get a few replacement erasers to ensure you never run out, making sure you don’t have to use dreadful traditional erasers ever again.

One of the best erasers, hands down.

04) Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

Large, White, Pack of 10 ZEH-10 Erasers

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser main image


  • Block shaped
  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Erase pencil marks with no residue
  • Can be used as a pencil eraser or colored pencil eraser
  • Comes with a protective sleeve to help keep clean


Pentel is another brand that offers great stationaries at a brilliant price. The block erasers are offered in many packs so you can easily pick out how many you need for your stationaries.

These are Hi-Polymer rubber erasers, which means they don’t constitute natural rubber latex, just a different ingredient that is healthy and non-toxic.

  • Minimal residue
  • Can use the edges or corners for both small or large details
  • Great as a colored pencil eraser
  • The white color can get stained really easily


Among types of erasers, the pentel block eraser is a great and nifty little eraser. They are pretty standard and run-of-the-mill erasers that will get the job done in terms of pencils or colored pencils.

Overall, a great purchase if you just need a standard, not too fancy eraser.

05) Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser

Professional quality vinyl eraser

Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser main image


  • Vinyl eraser
  • Erase ink marks easily
  • Great for colored pencils
  • Delicate and will not damage your paper surface as an abrasive eraser would
  • Comes in a pack of 12


Prismacolor always keep up to date with their products, especially in the colored pencils department. In addition to manufacturing great colored pencil sets, they have decided to offer vinyl erasers that are great for erasing colored pencil markings.

They are great as a standard graphite eraser or work just as great as ink erasers, making them an all-rounder pick on all fronts.

  • Vinyl eraser
  • Delicate to use and will not damage any surface
  • Minimal residue
  • Maybe too small for some people


The Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser is a very popular eraser among myriad types of erasers. Acclaimed to remove marks with great efficiency for colored pencils and Indian ink.

Overall, a great buy, especially at the offered price and the amount you get in each box you purchase. Vinyl erasers are great and hard to be disappointed by.

General Information About The Best Erasers For Colored Pencils

There are a plethora of options even when it comes to erasers, you have the option to go for kneaded erasers, plastic erasers, silica erasers, putty erasers, sand erasers, foam erasers, etc.

Some papers suffer from silica grit as it is an abrasive eraser that can hurt the paper surface.

Foam erasers however may be great for more delicate paper and artwork.

What this entails is that your preference for erasers may depend on your paper or medium of choice.

Conclusion / Roundup

Erasers may look simple from a distance, however, it is important to keep in mind that not all of them work the same, and not all of them may suit your needs. An example of incorrect usage of erasers, especially when it comes to color-sensitive artwork is pink pearl erasers or pink erasers if you prefer.

These may harm and stain your paper if you work on white paper whilst trying to erase colored pencil marks.

Overall, a good amount of trial and error may be needed due to your experience and it’s best to keep an open mind while you’re trying them out.

Best to try them out on a variety of surfaces and mediums and you should be good to go.


What kind of eraser is best for colored pencils?

Some of the best non-rubber erasers for erasing colored pencils are mentioned in the list however there is an honorable mention of the Tombow mono sand eraser as they are one of the best you can find for what you need. Tombow mono zero is also a very popular choice and it works great with many mediums.

The Tombow mono sand eraser is also latex-free, making them great without causing harm to your skin.

Other alternatives may include vinyl eraser or a gum erasers option.

What are the best electric pencil erasers for colored pencil?

In the year 2022, almost everything is automated, and what better way to express how modern you are but with an electric eraser. The Derwent battery-operated eraser is the best in its own rank of electric eraser. Electric erasers are pretty straightforward, you just enter in a refill in the slot and get to work.

It’s not absolutely necessary you work with an electric eraser and it is surely a novelty product, however, you may be surprised what you might get out of it.

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