How to Clean Miniature Paint Brushes

You shouldn’t put off cleaning your miniature paintbrushes since doing so might result in a frayed or crusted brush that can no longer be used for art. This is especially the case when using acrylic paint.

Therefore, you should give your brush a thorough cleanse when you are finished painting so that it’s clean, revitalized, and ready for the next project. A completely clean brush helps to avoid the issue of dried paint making its way into your art.

The post below outlines the best methods for thoroughly cleaning your miniature paintbrushes. 

How To Clean Miniature Brushes

  • Squeeze out the excess paint by wrapping the bristles in a paper towel or cloth. 
  • Swirl the brush in a cup of water to get rid of any residual acrylic paints.
  • Shake off any excess water and gently dry with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the above steps as needed until all the paint has been removed.
  • Place a small bucket, pail, or bowl beneath the faucet at the sink. 
  • Rinse your brush with warm water. 
  • Gently compress the bristles with your fingertips to remove any remaining paint. 
  • Put some soap on your brush, either special artist soap or standard hand-washing soap, and gently wash the bristles with your fingertips, rubbing the soap through the bristles.
  • Rinse the soap.
  • Depending on how much dried paint there is, you may need to repeat the steps. Make sure to use clean water.
  • Gently shake the brush to remove any extra water until you’re confident all of the paint has been cleaned.
  • Squeeze off the excess water by wrapping the bristles in a paper towel or cloth.
  • Allow your paintbrush to dry horizontally. You can start painting again once it has completely dried.

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After reading through our post on how to clean miniature paintbrushes, we hope that you’re feeling more confident about the process.

It’s simple, but the effects of a thorough cleanse can go a long way. You’ll also prevent inaccuracies in your artwork due to a build-up of paint within the bristles. 

We hope that the details found in this post have been useful in helping you feel more confident about cleaning your paint brushes. 


What soaps are best for cleaning a miniature paint brush?

There’s brush soap that has been specifically designed for cleaning paint brushes and can be found at art supply stores.

They’re made specifically to clean and condition brushes, meaning these soaps are gentler and softer on the hairs of the brush than conventional hand soap. A single dish or bar of paintbrush soap will usually last you a long time.

If you don’t have any paintbrush soap, you may use ordinary soap as a brush cleaner. Avoid using dishwashing solutions, which contain chemicals that are too harsh for the delicate hairs of an artist’s paintbrush.

These tips also apply to synthetic brushes.

What if the paint brush bristles are still colored?

Your paintbrush’s bristles will get colored with some of the colors you’ve been applying. This is typical and has no effect on the brush’s performance. As long as the water is clear as you’re cleaning, there will be no leftover paint within the bristles. 

If the paint dries in the bristles, you need to use your fingers to squeeze out more of the paint before rinsing it. However, if the water runs clear when you rinse your brush, it’s clean.

What’s the best way to store your brushes?

If you have a designated space for your painting session, you can leave your brushes horizontally on the desk. Alternatively, you could use a brush holder.

Brush holders will prevent the brush tips from becoming bent over time, which is especially handy when using expensive brushes.

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