How to Use Cricut Pens

Are you wondering how to use Cricut pens? Well, you’re in the right place. Below, you can learn more about how to use Cricut pens so that you can feel more confident about improving your art skills. Unlike any other pen, Cricut bridges the gaps between, physical coloring pens, digital design and actual real-life production.

Read on as we break it down…

The Different Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

  • Classic – The classic set is ideal for beginners and kids who are looking to do DIY art projects.
  • Black – The black sets include a range of pen tips that vary from 0.2 to 2.0. Therefore, you’re provided with more than enough options for your line thickness. 
  • Glitter gel pens – The glitter set is excellent for adding sparkle to your art. 
  • Metallic – The metallic set includes violet, silver, gold, blue, and copper. These create a metallic and smooth shine when used on cardstock. 

Cricut cutting machine

…and if you didn’t know already, Cricut has also expanded to include digital applications, allowing the creation of professional craft design within your own home. This Cricut cutting machine helps you design and personalise almost anything from customised greetings cards and t-shirt designs to so many more everyday items:

Cricut pens go digital – and they even have their own software design package available

Using Cricut Design Space

You can easily make changes to the design and system fonts of a Cricut pen design by using Cricut Design Space. 

Simply click the Layers Panel located on the right and turn the scissors icon into a writing icon. You can then select the pen color that you want to use. Even if you’re using multiple pen colors, it’s best to select the color of your Cricut markers.

Cricut Fonts

You can download all kinds of fonts onto your desktop. As a result, you’re able to emulate words that look like they were written by a person. For example, you can get the effect of using calligraphy pens and cursive fonts in a unique writing style without you having to use regular pens.

  • Start by using a blank page in Cricut Design Space and selecting the text tool that’s located on the left.
  • Type your desired word or phrase and then click the font edit toolbar button.
  • This will drop down and you can choose between a range of fonts. 
  • Click the box that says filer and select writing font. 
  • This enables the program to only show you writing fonts that can be written on one line. 
  • Once you find writing fonts that you like, click the scissors icon and change it to the pen icon.
  • This allows you to select the color of the pen that you want to use. 

Using Cricut Pens With Cricut Machines

  • After you’ve clicked MAKE IT, the Prepare Mat Screen will pop up. 
  • Click the continue button. You’ll be asked to place your pen into the Cricut marker clamp labelled as A. 
  • Make sure the clamp is unlocked and insert Cricut pens inside, making sure that your pen’s upside down. 
  • Once the pen is properly clicked in place within the Cricut maker, you won’t be able to see the arrow on the exterior. 
  • Lock the clamp and that’s it!
  • Make sure to remove your pen and place the cap back on it to preserve the ink. 

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So, after reading through this post, we hope that you’re feeling more confident about how to use Cricut joy pens for Cricut projects and paper projects. You can be incredibly specific and accurate with these fine-point blade markers compared to other pens.

Initially, the process of using infusible ink markers with a Cricut machine seems a little complicated. However, as long as you follow the steps mentioned above, you’ll have an easier time following Cricut tutorials so that you can implement these extra fine-point pens to create projects that are unique. 

You can create gift tags, birthday cards, and any other project ideas that you like! The Cricut machine and Design Space were specifically designed to be used with different Cricut pens for your pen project.

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