How to Write on Metal – a Quick Guide

When it comes to affordable craft markers, you may be struggling with which metal paint markers are best for the job. Marking metal can be tricky if you’re not using the right types of permanent markers. They can end up smudging and leaving streaks on the metal surface. 

To learn more about which paint markers for metal are best, continue reading our post below. By the end, you’ll be feeling more confident about buying metal markers to mark metal surfaces permanently. All the pens mentioned below make for great marking tools for marking measurements.

Best Permanent Markers for Writing On Metal

Flymax White Paint Markers

Having reliable white paint pens for your art projects is great for being able to add lots of detail. 

The Flymax white acrylic paint marker is ideal for a metal project, as well as other surfaces, such as fabric, wood, stone, and glass. The ink quality is great with rough surfaces, which makes it a great choice for metal pipes and any uneven surfaces. 

Oil Based Paint Markers

Oil-based paint pens are fantastic for marking metal due to how the ink doesn’t smudge or fade away easily. Therefore, if you’re looking to keep permanent ink on metal, oil-based markers are among the best marker for metal.  

Forney Paint Marker Pens

The Forney paint marker is available in yellow and is fantastic for highly visible and readable marks. It works especially great for writing or art projects of stainless steel. 

Rolodex Permanent Paint Markers 

The range of bright colors that are available when using these pens compared to other markers makes them a superb choice if you want a selection of metallic colors. 

The tip is rounded, which makes it great for shading on metal surfaces. Not to mention, it’s non-toxic, making it safe to use. It includes oil-based ink, which means that it can remain permanent on a metal surface. 

SteelWriter Marker Pen

SteelWriter metal marker pens are an affordable option compared to some of the other more expensive metal marker prices. This is a fantastic choice if you want a paint pen that sticks to metal materials permanently. However, you also have the option to easily wipe it off by using a damp cloth.  

There’s also not too much paint which makes it easier for you to draw and write evenly, especially on glossy surfaces. 

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So, that concludes our post about what some of the best metal markers have to offer. Finding a fine-tip permanent marker that stays on metal without smudging can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

Not all markers are meant to be completely permanent on metal. Weather-resistant markers tend to contain oil paint, whereas water-based paint pens don’t stick to metal permanently as well.

Well, you can now use our post on the best paint markers for metal to narrow down your search and avoid temporary markings. These permanent pens are fantastic for arts and crafts projects on non-porous surfaces, such as metal.


Can you remove ink from metal?

Depending on the ink used, you may be able to rub the ink off using a wet cloth. However, this will be harder when using an oil-based marker compared to acrylic paint markers, water-based metal markers, and alcohol markers due to the kind of paint flow.

How to make pens last longer?

To avoid clogging paint markers, make sure to store them upright to that the pigment fluid doesn’t leak.

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