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Are you a bingo fan? Do you love the thrill of winning having completed a line or full house? Or is it perhaps that you still associate the game with the old, large bingo halls of the 1970’s and 80’s where working class women of a certain age met to have a chat and a catch up whilst taking part in an easy and straight forward game where they stood a chance of leaving a few quid better off?

How things have changed! The number of online bingo games has now grown beyond belief and as a result so too has the competition and therefore the offers to new players. Our client, Jackpot Compare, are constantly reviewing the very best, latest and even free bingo sites online, giving players the chance to not only take advantage of the many offers available to new sign ups but also the opportunity to win life changing money and prizes. If you’ve never seen one of these sites then you may well be missing out.

Continuing on from previous work we’ve taken on for Jackpot Compare, we have recently finished creating a variety of simplistic ‘offer buttons’ to allow potential players to take advantage of the many bonuses and welcome offers each and every month. Each button uses the relevant logo, the terms associated with the game, a review out of 10, an additional link to more information on the offer available and of course the direct link to sign up to redeem the offers.

The site not only gives you these great deals, but also massive amounts of information surrounding any questions you may have in relation to any of the online bingo promotions so well worth taking a look.

If you’d really rather just stick to your favourite Sun Bingo game in the newspaper though, then you can always use the site to review today’s sun bingo numbers or any previous numbers you may have missed instead. It really is a great site for anyone playing or interested in any form of bingo whether it be traditional, in your daily newspaper or online.

It really has been great fun designing and developing the link buttons for this site so please check out the artwork by visiting and of course, if the mood takes you, whilst you’re there please feel free to click on one of the many offers available and try your luck using one of the many fantastic deals on offer.

Looking forward to creating more artwork for the ongoing link button and campaigns in the coming months so please watch this space 😉